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Books about Maui

There are a number of great books about Maui which detail history, geography, beaches, snorkeling, activities, hiking, etc. This page shows some of our favorites. These offer good information and value regardless of whether you've visited Maui before or you are a first time visitor. By clicking the links below, you can conveniently purchase a book to read up before you arrive. You can save a lot of money purchasing these books on line!!!

maui books
General Guides  
  • Maui Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook
    by Andrew Doughty (Sep 21, 2007)

    This is the best book about Maui without a doubt. It is our favorite guide book. It is well written in an easy to read, conversational style with lots of anecdotal stories. This is the 4th edition with corrections and updates.
Maui Revealed
Maui Trailblazer
Hana Highway
Underwater Guides  
  • Hawaii's Fishes : A Guide for Snorkelers, Divers, and Aquarists
    by John P. Hoover

    We use this book as our standard reference for fish identification during snorkeling excursions. It is well illustrated and contains complete details of the various fish, eels, coral you'll see both snorkeling and diving. Many dive boats use this book as their reference.
Hawaii's Fishes
  • The Maui Chef Seafood Cookbook
    by Executive Chef Michael Gallagher (Hardcover - Sep 1, 2006)

    This great gourmet cookbook is easy to follow with very vivid, mouth-watering photos. There are personal notes from Executive Chef Michael Gallagher about each of the recipes. Our daughter-in-law, Marni, bought this book during a recent Maui trip and loves it. She's an excellent cook so in our opinion, it comes highly recommended!
The Maui Chef Seafood Cookbook
  • Chefs of Aloha: Favorite Recipes from the Top Chefs of Hawai'i
    Island Heritage Publishing

    Marni also bought this book because it covers many of the recipes from the top restaurants of Hawaii such as David Paul's Lahaina Grill, Sansei Seafood Restaurant, Roy's, and IO's in Lahaina. You'll find all you need to bring your Maui dining experience home.
Chefs of Aloha
  • The Maui Onion Cookbook
    by Barbara Santos

    This little books covers pupus, soups, salads and various other dishes using the famously sweet Maui Onion.
Maui Onion Cookbook
Other books  
  • A Hawaiian Life
    by George Kahumoku Jr.

    This is a really funny book written by George Kahumoku Jr. one of Hawaii's best known performers of slack key guitar music. It traces his life from childhood to adult and all the advertures he experienced. Chapters on the shark with wiskers, pig farm demise from movies, and playing guitar in Kaanapali are priceless. We highly recommend it for some fun, light reading.
A Hawaiian Life
  • The Guide to Hawaiian-Style Origami for Keiki
    by Jodi Fukumoto (Author)

    This fun little book will keep you, your kids and grandkids amused for hours. The back of the book has precut paper with images to help create such fun characters as a Honu (turtle), Pufferfish, and Gecko Catcher (an island version of the cootie catcher).
Origami for Keiki
  • Mowee: A History of Maui the Magic Isle
    by Cummins E. Speakman

    If you like history, this book not only has a lot of information about Maui's past, it includes information about recent topics too.
Maui (Mowee) History
  • Maui: Images of the Valley Island
    by Douglas Peebles

    A beautifully photographed book to remind you of the beauty of Maui either before or after your visit. A great book to show your friends some of the beautiful spots you saw while vacationing or relaxing.
Maui - The Valley Isle
  • Under a Maui Sun: The Valley Island
    by Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi (Author), Ron Dahlquist (Photographer)

    This coffee table book helps you understand why Maui is called no ka 'oi - Maui is the best! by both residents and visitors.
Under a Maui Sun

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